About LUES

Hello everyone and welcome to Lancaster Universities Economics Society, the largest academic society in the university with over 500 members. As this new academic year is about to begin we have had an amazing change to our society with drawing sponsors in, a new executive and an introduction to social events where you can have a great time to remember.

This year we are providing some outstanding academic events which you and your friends can join in and this is a perfect opportunity to those of you you may have not encountered economics before. This is a society which is represented by a wide variety of disciplines and we welcome anyone.

We have some well thought career events which will help you with those cruitial internships and a wide variety of support you can benefit from your time at university.

Social events always tend to be popular and these events are going to be happening every couple of weeks collaborating with other societies so make sure to come along to meet some new faces and get away from studies.